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Thermal Imaging

See What Your Eyes Can’t

Thermal imaging uses unique cameras to try and find abnormalities that our naked eyes cannot see. It can help find problems related to moisture and water, and insulation issues concealed in walls and ceilings.

Can We See Behind Your Walls with Thermal Imaging?

You may have heard that you can literally see behind walls using thermal imaging. This is not true: However, what thermal imaging can do is to detect the temperature differences related to both heat and moisture. A Two Peaks trained professional then looks at the images to figure out what may be going on to create those thermal differences.

What Can We Detect with Thermal Imaging?

Some things that thermal imaging can detect include: plumbing issues including leaks, poor insulation, animal invasions, losses from heating or cooling, duct leaks, and any abnormal heat from appliances or from the electrical system.

With thermal imaging, we can estimate the extent of the damage and discover leaks and damage without having to destroy walls and ceilings. During the inspection, we will also look closely at the structure, the systems and the appearance of the property you are considering. We’ll look at electrical systems, plumbing, the roof and foundation, as well as interior and exterior walls and flooring.

How Long Will My Home Inspection Take?

If you have moved all furniture and there is free access to all areas of the house, the inspection should take between four and six hours, depending on the size and condition of the house.

This Is Your Home… You Should Know About It

All the systems and hidden problems are simply a consultation away. Once you know what to look for, you’ll be able to diagnose issues before they arise and become huge and expensive problems.

You don’t always need a full home inspection. Sometimes simply a consultation is enough. And at Two Peaks Home Inspection, we are more than happy to provide our professional knowledge to help you get to know your home.

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