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High-End Homes

Are you purchasing or selling a large, high-end home? You may want to take advantage of our Premium Certified Home Inspection, our top-end service. It includes our full inspection service, but is specifically designed for exclusive homes.

We carry a high insurance policy and we include technical support to answer any questions down the road.

Your Investment is Important

Your home is not only your residence, it is a large investment and one you need to understand completely in order to take care of it in the most efficient way possible.

More Complex Systems in Premium Home Inspections

A higher-end home will have more complex systems within it: heating and cooling systems, for example, are likely to be state-of-the art and more complicated than a lower-end home’s might be. Similarly, electrical wiring is likely to be more extensive and involved than a lower-end home.

Two Peaks Home Inspection’s Extensive Experience

Two Peaks Home Inspection has extensive experience as well as the knowledge to inspect your higher-end home. We take pride in helping you fully understand your new home and how the systems within it work.

Buying or Selling a High End Home

If you are either buying or selling a high end home, we are happy to provide premium home inspections to ensure that everyone feels safe and secure in the purchasing decision. It’s your home, and we want to help you care for it.

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