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Get An Inspection Before You Take Possession

Every new home will have the builder make a list of deficiencies to make sure the house adheres to a certain standard of quality. Oftentimes, if a new house has sat for a while before it sells, the builder will request an inspection to make sure this quality still is present.

Builders will use reports generated by Two Peaks Home Inspections Inc. to complete the deficiencies and fix what was found that could have been damaged during the showings or vacancy — or never completed.

Using Two Peaks Home Inspection

Using a well-regarded home inspection service such as Two Peaks assures both the builder and the home owner of an impartial third party’s observances.

Because we have no vested interest in doing any of the work on the home, and, in fact, are barred from doing so by law, we can offer a completely unbiased list of the deficiencies present in a home.

The professionalism and assurance this gives both the home owner and the builder can help ease stress as well as pave the way for smooth relations during the building/renovating or selling process.

During Renovations

During renovations, getting an inspection can clear the way to a headache-free renovation process. Untangling the decision-tree of which repairs and upgrades you need to make and when you need to make them can make the process so much smoother.

A Deficiency Inspection for Renovations Ease Stress

Having our unbiased list of what needs to be done, as well as our professional guidance on how to prioritize renovations can streamline the sometimes stressful process and even save you money and time as you proceed through your renovations with confidence and knowledge.

Using Two Peaks Home Inspection to help guide you through the often complex systems of house building and renovations is like having a trusted partner there with you, guiding you and keeping things clear for you.

It’s your home. Let us help you get to know it.

Start Your Deficiency Inspection

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