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A thorough building inspection before you buy a commercial property is important so you know exactly what you are buying in order to protect your investment. An inspection by Two Peaks Home Inspections will help you spot the building’s faults before they become your problems. Our inspectors do a thorough job, which meets and exceeds CanNACHI standards.

Know Your Investment Before You Buy

Just as important as a home inspection, a commercial property inspection will help you discover any issues in the structure you are about to buy before you purchase. And, of course, once you have purchased the property, these potential issues become your problems, your financial burden.

During the inspection, we take a close look at the structure, the systems and the appearance of the property you are considering. We’ll look at electrical systems, plumbing, the roof and foundation, as well as interior and exterior walls and flooring.

Commercial Inspections are Smart

Most likely, the commercial property you are considering is a large investment. It’s a complex set of systems that need to work together in harmony, or there will be expensive and potentially lengthy repairs ahead. Electrical wiring, plumbing, exterior structural and the interior as well as heating and cooling systems are all included in our inspection. It’s important to have someone who knows all of these systems and how they work go through your property and ensure that everything is working as it should before you sign along the dotted line, so to speak.

Know before you buy, and allow Two Peaks Home Inspection to do a commercial inspection next time you consider buying a commercial property.

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